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Directed by Michael Verhoeven


Released: 2008


91 minutes

The expropriation of assets from German Jews during the Third Reich benefited virtually every German citizen. It was not only the Gestapo who invaded Jewish residences to confiscate all property, from bank accounts to the last item of clothing, it was the German tax officials.

A competition evolved between bureaucrats as to how to organize the robbery of the Jews before they were expelled, or sent to their deaths.

Larger assets went to the tax offices, and the smaller assets and goods were sold to friends and neighbors in public auctions of "Non-Aryan" property.


Many of the documents proving this expropriation were lost or destroyed; the ones that remained were hidden away.

Using first-hand accounts, award-winning filmmaker Michael Verhoeven ("The White Rose", "The Nasty Girl") goes on a search to unearth evidence documenting once of the greatest robberies in human history.


Human Faliure



Yad Vashem Chairman's Award, Jewish Experience Section
Jerusalem Film Festival 2009


Top Prize for German Documentaries on Jewish Themes
Berlin Jewish Film Festival 2009



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