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Menemsha Films

Menemsha Films, founded in 1998 by Neil Friedman, is dedicated to distributing the highest-quality art house films, hand-picked from around the globe. Menemsha Films set a record, discovering and representing five Academy Award nominees for five years in a row.


Neil Friedman

Neil Friedman, Founder and President of Menemsha Films, possesses an incomparable talent for unearthing the undiscovered masterpiece. Neil Friedman is the President of Menemsha Films, a U.S.-based distribution and international sales company.


Menemsha, founded by Friedman in 1998, set a record by representing five Academy Award nominees, five years in a row: Divided We Fall (Czech Republic), Son of the Bride (Argentina), Zelary (Czech Republic), Prisoner of Paradise (Canada), and Story of the Weeping Camel (Germany).


Menemsha is most recently known as the U.S. distributor of the British comedy "Dough" starring Jonathan Pryce, which grossed over $1.2 million at the U.S. box office. Prior successes include the German film "Gloomy Sunday," which grossed $1.5 million and broke foreign-language box office records previously set by "Cinema Paradiso" (as well as records for the longest-running film release at 70 weeks), and the acclaimed documentary "The Rape of Europa," which grossed $1.2 million at the U.S. box office.


Neil’s years of experience as Vice President of New Line Cinema, President and C.O.O. of the Pressman Company, and Co-chair of William Morris’ Independent Feature division gave him unparalleled skills and expertise.



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