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Directed by Almog Avidan Antonir
Written by Jennifer Levinson​

USA, 2024



99 Minutes 

Three siblings return to their family home in Los Angeles to reconcile over their mother's untimely death, but find themselves torn between mourning and greed.


Between meeting with the Rabbi, funeral preparations, and sitting Shiva, Kate (Jennifer Levinson) has no time to process Mom’s absence. In fact, Kate’s not sure if she’s crying because Mom’s dead, or because she’s related to these oddballs: an adulterous father, Damien (Linden Ashby, Teen Wolf), and a histrionic sister, Trini (Kate Spade). Kate finds an ally in her brother, Josh (Heston Horwin), who spearheads funeral arrangements. Mom did her best to outline everything specifically. But Damien never signed off on the paperwork prior to their divorce.

From the up-and-coming filmmaking team of writer/star Jennifer Levinson and director Almog Avidan Antonir, TRUST co-stars rising young talents Heston Horwin and Kate Spare, backed by an acclaimed supporting cast including Linden Ashby (Teen Wolf, Mortal Kombat), Wayne Wilderson (Veep, The Office, Seinfeld), Tom Virtue (Iron Man 3, Green Book) and Michael Laskin (Big Little Lies, Curb Your Enthusiasm). 

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WINNER, New Visions Award | Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival

WINNER, Audience Award | Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival


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