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Directed by Ori Gruder


Released: 2016


74 minutes

An eye-opening documentary explaining the concept of sacred sperm within the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish community which considers new life pure if born of “sacred sperm” and the spilling of sperm murder. In this documentary Director/Narrator Or Yashar shares his journey as he tries to fully understand the concept and come to terms with how to raise his son in good faith. This sensitive film also explores the difficulties worshippers face, and how they work through them with support from a genuinely loving community. The film highlights how we are all vulnerable in some way: we watch as Yashar, who became Orthodox as an adult, asks himself, “Am I worthy of teaching my son?”.



Sacred Sperm

Film Festivals:

Winner - Award of Excellence

The Accolade Global Film Competition

California USA - 2014


World Premiere

Raindance International Film Festival

London UK - 2014


Israeli Premiere

Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival

Israel - 2014


North American Premiere

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

California, USA - 2015


Eastern Europe Premiere

Krakow International Film Festival

Poland - 2015


Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Georgia, USA - 2015


Philadelphia Israeli Film Festival

Pennsylvania, USA - 2015



Quebec, Canada - 2015


Toronto Jewish Film Festival

Canada - 2015


Gainesville Jewish Film Festival

Florida, USA - 2015





Berlin Jewish Film Festival

Germany - 2015

New York Israeli Film Festival

New York, USA - 2015


Seret International Film Festival

United Kingdom - 2015


Australia Jewish International Film Festival

Australia - 2015


San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

California, USA - 2015 


Pärnu International Film Festival

Estonia - 2015

Rochester Jewish Film Festival

New York, USA - 2015


Message to Man Film Festival

Russia - 2015


Winner - Best Documentary

Religion Today International Film Festival

Trento, Italy - 2015


Vienna Jewish Film Festival

Austria - 2015

Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival



Vancouver Jewish Film Festival

Canada - 2015


UK International Jewish Film Festival

United Kingdom - 2015


Jüdische Filmtage Saarbrücken

Germany - 2015    


Pitigliani Kolno'a Festival

Rome, Italy - 2015


CINEMED International Film Festival

Belgium - 2015


Copenhagen Jewish Week

Denmark  - 2015


East Bay International Jewish Film Festival

California, USA - 2016


Madison Israeli Film Festival

Wisconsin, USA - 2016

Stockholm Israeli Film Festival

Sweden - 2016

Seattle Jewish Film Festival

Washington, USA 2016


7th FilmIsrael Fest

Amsterdam Holland - 2016


Human Rights Dignity Int'l Film Festival

Yangun, Myanmar - 2016

Eastern Connecticut Jewish Film Festival

Connecticut, USA - 2016

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