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Directed by Pepe Danquart

Germany, 2014

Language: Polish, German, Russian, Yiddish

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 107 minutes

A superlative saga of courage and compassion, Run Boy Run tells the extraordinary true story of a young Polish boy’s struggle to outlast the Nazi occupation and maintain his Jewish faith through his intrepid will and the kindness of others. Escaping the Warsaw ghetto at the behest of his father, nine-year old Srulik (movingly portrayed by twins Andrzej and Kamil Tkacz) flees to the woods. There, he learns to hide from SS patrols and scour for food, until loneliness and the harsh onset of winter drive him back to civilization. An unforgettable cinematic experience featuring exceptional performances, arresting cinematography and a transcendent musical score, Run Boy Run is directed by Oscar-winner Pepe Danquart and based on the bestselling novel by Israeli author Uri Orlev.

Run Boy Run


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Winner - Audience Award

Cherry Hill Jewish Film Festival 2016

Winner - Audience Award

Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival 2016

Winner - Audience Award

Hartford Jewish Film Festival 2016


Winner - Audience Award

Green Mountain Film Festival 2016


Winner - Audience Award

New Hampshire Jewish Film Festival 2016

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