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Directed by Brad Rothschild

United States, 2023



88 Minutes 

Tamar Manasseh, the charismatic rabbiand community activist from the south side of Chicago,wants African Americans and Jews to become closer allies. With one foot firmly in each of thesetwo communities, Black Jews like Tamar are the natural bridge to help overcome decades offear, misunderstanding, andlack ofcommunication. 

Rabbi on the Blockis a feature-length documentaryfilmthatwill show how Manasseh bringstogether Jews of all colors and is building bridges that will serve as the foundation for arevitalizedalliance of African Americans and Jews while creating a new style of activist Judaism that takes the religion out of the synagogue and into the streets.


Rabbi on the Block



WINNER - Audience Award for Best Documentary | Rutgers Jewish Film Festival 2023

WINNER - Audience Award for Best Documentary | San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 2023

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