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Directed by Gülseren Sengezer

Sweden, Austria, 2020


Swedish and German

90 minutes

The film recounts the fate of four survivors of Jewish origin who were sent on their own by their parents to Sweden during the Third Reich, with the so - called “Kindertransports”, in order to save them from the Nazi terror – and experienced a trauma which exists even today . Most of them never saw their parents again.


For the rescued children in Sweden a new life begins in a foreign county with a new language, unknown faces, uncertainty, fear and loneliness. They were saved, but hardly able to understand wh y their parents have sent them abroad. Later they do begin to understand, learn about the Holocaust and live with an even greater loss: only one of our protagonists see her parents alive again.


The film looks at the Nazi crimes from the perspective of th eir youngest victims, the children and adolescents and through that analyses how they try to handle the emotional chaos that the escape has caused. In retrospect the traces of this trauma can be seized: they lead to uprooting, the loss of identity and the lack of security. Their stories reflect the tragic fate of a winner and at the same time loser of their own salvation 

Kindertransports to Sweden

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