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Directed by Jan Hřebejk

Czech Republic

Released: 1999


116 minutes

A family retro-comedy for all ages set at the end of the sixties about everyday family fun and hardship, about the drama inherent in relationships and differing opinions, about sorrow—but also finally, about the awakening of first love.


This is a gently poetic and humorous story of the fate of aging parents, maturing teens and younger children. The actual plot of the film takes place in villa, in which two families, the Šebeks and Krauses, live side by side. Mr. Šebek, a simple-minded, good-natured officer by profession is a supporter of the ruling political regime. In contrast, Mr. Kraus, a former resistance fighter with bitter war experiences is his staunch adversary. In the end, each member of both families must live out his own story in his own “cozy den“ untill the Soviet invasion of August 1968 violently disturbs their world.






Cosy Dens



Kristian 1999 - Prize of the Czech Film Critique for the best feature film


Main Prize – Golden Grape at the international festival Lubuskie Lato Filmowe in Lagow 2000


Special Mention –34th International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, 1999


FIPRESCI Prize – 34th International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, 1999


Main Prize – Golden Afrodite – Int. Film Festival Varna 2003

Special Mention of Film Critique – Int. Film Festival Varna 2003

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