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Directed by Manoussos Manoussakis

Greece, 2016

Language: Greek

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 118 minutes

Set in Thessaloniki during the German occupation in 1943, the film tells the story of the forbidden love between Estrea, a young Jewish girl, and Giorgos, the brother in law of the famed composer Vassilis Tsitsanis. Much of the action takes place in and around the ouzeri owned by the then 28-year-old Tsitsanis at a time when he had reached his peak as a composer. In fact, the film's English title, CLOUDY SUNDAY, references Tsitsanis' beloved classic Synnefisameni Kyriaki, one of the songs featured in the movie.

Cloudy Sunday




Winner of 3 Hellenic Film

Academy Awards:

Best Costume Design

Anna Maherianaki

Best Make-up

Nabile Salame

Best Supporting Actress

Vasiliki Troufakou

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