Directed by  Aliza Rosen

United States, 2020




LATTER DAY JEW is a documentary feature film following H. Alan Scott, a gay, former Mormon / converted Jew / cancer survivor / writer-comedian, as he finds his spiritual path and prepares for his Bar Mitz-vah. The film will cover his Mormon upbringing, eventual conversion to Judaism at age 31 and preparation for his Bar Mitzvah in the Fall of 2017 at age 35. But before he can become a man in the eyes of Jewish law, he wants to figure out what it means to be the best Jew he can be and even figure out what that means. LATTER DAY JEW chronicles his hilarious and often moving journey, and in the process shows that spiritual and cultural identity is deeper than just what we are born into or what our families believed and taught us

Latter Day Jew

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