A Personal Letter from Avi Nesher, Writer/Director of "The Matchmaker"

Dear Audiences,

I am the writer/director of the film "The Matchmaker", now playing in your local cinema.

I was born in Israel, but spent most of my adolescence in New York where I studied at the Ramaz Yeshiva, so I could keep up my Hebrew. I also studied at Columbia University, and immediately after graduation went back to Israel to serve in the Special Forces of the IDF. I am at home in both America and Israel. Now, I choose to live in Israel, making films in Israel.

Like many Sabras, I had a very difficult time understanding and accepting that the European Jews, like my parents, were ever so hapless during wartime in Europe.

We Israelis were brought up as the "new Jews" and the "super Jews". Empathy toward Holocaust survivors was discouraged. Indeed, we are guilty of a great sin. Our parents suffered greatly "there" and we offered no sympathy "here".

I wrote and directed the film "The Matchmaker" as an homage to my parents. I believe that no matter what the question is, love is always the answer. The film focuses on love to ease survivors' suffering. My parents used much love to create a life for my sister and me, and as sane a life as was possible for them under the circumstances. I find this hugely admirable and a true life lesson.

"The Matchmaker" is my way of sharing my parents' worldview with cinemagoers around the world.

Enjoy the film,
Avi Nesher

Learn more about The Matchmaker, and watch the film's trailer here!

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