La Rafle


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Country France
Language French, German and Yiddish with English subtitles
Year of Release 2012
Running Time 124 minutes


Director Roselyne Bosch
Producer Alain Goldman
Screenwriter Roselyne Bosch
Director of Photography David Ungaro


Dr. David Sheinbaum Jean Reno
Annette Monod Mélanie Laurent
Schumel Weismann Gad Elmaleh
Sura Weismann Raphaëlle Agogue
Jo Weismann Hugo Leverdez
Simon Zygler Olivier Cywie
Noe Zygler Mathieu & Romain Di Concetto
Rachel Weismann Rebecca Marder
Dina Traube Anne Brochet
Helene Timonier Isabelle Gelinas
Captain Pierret Thierry Fremont
Concierge "Tati" Catherine Allegret
Bella Zygler Sylvie Testud


La Rafle

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In picturesque Montmarte, three children wearing a yellow star play in the streets, oblivious to the darkness spreading over Nazi-occupied France. Their parents do not seem too concerned either, somehow putting their trust in the Vichy Government. But beyond this view, much is going on. Hitler demands that the French government round up its Jews and put them on trains for the extermination camps in the East. The collaborators start to put the plan into effect and within a short time, 13,000 of Paris’s Jews, among them 4,000 children, will be rounded up and sent on a road with no return. The fateful date: July 16th, 1942, 71 years ago.

With a meticulously constructed script based on extensive research and first-hand accounts, writer/director Rose Bosch brings to the screen one of the most moving dramas of the year. Powered by fluid direction and a string of stars- from Jean Reno (The Da Vinci Code, Leon: The Professional) to Mélanie Laurent (Inglourious Basterds, The Concert)- La Rafle (The Roundup) became a big box-office hit in France, and its audiences included thousands of young people who came to learn about a dark chapter in their country’s history.

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Sun-Sentinel: Holocaust survivor says movie "La Rafle" is 'absolute truth'

We invite you to read this enlightening feature on La Rafle (The Roundup) from today's South Florida Sun-Sentinel, featuring interviews with French Holocaust survivors living in South Florida.

Read the complete article at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

La Rafle is now playing on five screens in South Florida!

A Personal Letter from Rose Bosch, Director of "La Rafle"
We invite you to read a personal letter to American audiences from Rose Bosch, writer and director of the acclaimed French epic La Rafle (The Roundup).
Click the link below to read the complete letter!

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Los Angeles Times Commemorates France's Vel d'Hiv Roundup


The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

"There is a deep and subtle power to the film... Each scene is striking; no moment seems superfluous, none inauthentic. Roselyne Bosch has done her job. It is a film not to be missed."

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New York Magazine

Critics’ Pick!
A harrowing historical drama that tackles the infamous events of July 1942, when thousands of French Jews were crammed into a stadium before being herded off to camps. A diffuse approach tells the story through a variety of threads (including Laurent as a kind nurse who’s thrust into the middle of it all), which avoids easy narrative resolutions and arcs. But this is undeniably powerful stuff.

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William Wolf

"Not only is La Rafle one of the best pictures of the year, it is one of the most important. And not just for the present, but for all time. Brilliantly written and directed by Rose Bosch... I have been deeply moved by this extraordinary film."

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Key Statistics:
Over 3 Million Cinema Admissions in France

Click above to view photos from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum screening of La Rafle, introduced by Writer/ Director Rose Bosch, Producer Ilan Goldman, and Actress Mélanie Laurent.

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Los Angeles Times: "French leader apologizes for WWII roundup of Jews" - 7/23/12

JTA: "Survey finds young Frenchman unfamiliar with WWII Jewish roundup" - 7/17/12

France 24: "Police files shed light on wartime Jewish roundup (Video)" - 7/16/12

Jewish Daily Forward: "France Confronts Sins of Past — And Present" (Op-Ed) - 10/6/12

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